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Do you believe the current system of government can be improved?
- All modern democracies are "Representative Democracies".
- In a representative democracy power is granted by the people to representatives who are expected to act in the interests of those people.
- In a "Direct Democracy" citizens participate directly in decision-making.
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Do elected representatives always act in the interests of their constituents?
- Once elected, representatives are generally free to wield power any way they choose.
- Broken election promises are all too common in a representative democracy.
- Representatives often have to trade votes, cave on one issue to ensure another is addressed, further diluting the will of their constituents.
- The election cycle can drag important decision making to a halt while officials focus their energies on re-election.
- A direct democracy could be used to police the actions of elected officials, or render representatives completely unnecessary.
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Tired of corrupt politicians and behind closed door deal making?
- Elected officials are employees of the population, and should be answerable to the people.
- In a direct democracy every persons vote is counted, it is more difficult to corrupt a majority of the population than a few representatives.
- In a direct democracy interests groups must convince the population rather than a few officials.
- Voter turnout has been steadily decreasing for decades in the worlds democracies, suggesting disenchantment with current systems.
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Does a direct democracy demand heavy participation by individuals?
- It can do, but does not have to.
- A modern direct democracy should and can be made as simple as ordering a pizza, checking an online bank statement, or changing a TV station.
- The implementation we are developing involves proxies, meaning as little or as much involvement as an individual wishes.
- You can proxy (give) your votes to other individuals or organizations.
- You may distribute your votes in any way you choose, economic votes to one person, eduction votes to another, and so on.
- You can resume control of any or all your votes at any time.
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What is the goal of this website?
- To discuss and develop an effective direct democracy.
- Promote the direct democracy concept, to encourage diverse and open dialog about the benefits and risks.
- Create real world implementation strategies for a direct democracy.
- This is an open forum, all on-topic posts are welcome. No account is required to join the discussion, no personal information is required if you choose to create an account.
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